How To Make Chicken Dynamite Chicken Starter Recipe

How To Make Chicken Dynamite

Hey, guys I’m Abubakar Fareed. Today’s recipe is delicious; it is a starter for chicken. The flavor of which will amaze you. Its name is “Chicken Dynamite”.


  1. To Marinate Chicken 500 gms Chicken Breast (sliced)
  2. 1 Egg 2 Tbsp Garlic Paste
  3. 1 Ghal Light Soy Sauce
  4. 2 tsp Red Chilli Powder
  5. 1 tsp Dried Oregano Salt
  6. 1/4 cup Mayonnaise
  7. 1/4 cup Tomato Ketchup
  8. 2 Tbsp Chilli Sauce
  9. 1/2 tsp Red Chilli Powder
  10. 1/2 tsp Black Pepper Powder Salt
  11. 2 Tbsp Refined Flour
  12. 1/4 Cup Corn Flour Oil for frying
  13. Lettuce Leaves Spring
  14. Onions Greens (chopped)


Let’s begin. We’ll break the recipe into four components. The most common way to clarify is a chicken nugget that has been fried. That is then encased in a sauce made from Mayonnaise, something sweet, spicy. It’s a mix of all these. It is served in an ice-cold glass bowl, along with lettuce. When you’ve got everything done correctly. It’s going be delicious. All you have to just follow this recipe to the letter. The first step is to marinate the chicken. This is why I’m going to use a chicken breasts boneless and cut into large slices. In addition, I’m planning to add a Whole Egg. This is followed by the paste of Garlic. Also, I prefer making use of lighter Soy Sauce, because I find it more flavorful rather than the color that the soy has. To give it a spicy and nice taste I’m adding in the Red Chilli powder.

Also, the sauce contains Chilli Powder as well as Chilli sauce in equal measure. This means you can make use of it with care. Dry Oregano or Oregano depending on the region you live in. Salt as necessary. Mix everything thoroughly. It should be stored for at minimum 15 minutes. While the chicken is marinated, let’s get to make the chilled sauce. It’s a Mayonnaise-based sauce. The first thing that is put into the container is Mayonnaise. Then you can pick, Veg Mayonnaise that is made from Soy Milk. It is also possible to make Mayonnaise out from Egg. The choice is yours. To sweeten it up, naturally, I’m planning to add Tomato Ketchup. If you’re lucky even if you don’t have Tomato Ketchup in your kitchen the only thing you can add to this is Tomato Paste. It’s that simple. Tomato paste is quite simple to make, simply take tomatoes, run them through a blender and then you cook them lightly and then add them to the. In addition you must include honey or powdered sugar. Be aware of that. To spice this up I’m adding to it Chilli paste and Chilli Sauce and again which ever is readily available to you. In this instance I’m making use of Chilli Sauce.

To enhance that flavor slightly, I’m throwing some Chilli Powder. As I mentioned, I’m going to include it later. That’s it. In the event that you’re looking to add smoke into this meal, you could add smoke Paprika The choice is yours, along with the Black Pepper Powder, as well as a hint of Salt. The salt used in this recipe is something you have to be extremely cautious about. Because Salt is present in all the ingredients It’s inside the Mayonnaise. it’s present in the Ketchup it’s within Chilli sauce. Chilli sauce, it’s present in the chicken, which is being marinated very take care. Mix it well. The sauce is now ready. It’s going straight into the fridge. Also, I’m going to bring the chicken back that has been marinated, along with an oil pot. Let’s give this an excellent mix. We can also add two extremely important ingredients. The first includes refined flour. This one will help get that binding on as, as I mentioned we’re creating fritters from this. In order to ensure it’s nice and crisp I’m planning to add Corn Starch and Corn Flour. While I’m doing all this, you’d have discovered that the oil is warming up in the form of a Kadhai. Let’s mix this thoroughly. Once the cornflour as well as the refined flour are in don’t wait for anything or anyone since then you need to cook the mixture immediately.

We’ll lower the heat a bit. Then add this Nuggets of Chicken. When these chicken nuggets are into the oil, we raise the heat. Let it cook until they are perfect, crisp, golden brown and cooked. After they’ve been fried and cooked, they have to be pulled out of the oil. Then, they need to be placed on absorbent tissue. The Chicken Nuggets are cooked and ready. Let’s put them in an ice-cold bowl. In addition allow us to add the chilled sauce. We’ll mix it all together. Next step, place the mixture into chilled cups of lettuce. Imagine this recipe: chilled lettuce cups, hot pieces of chicken and chilled sauce that explodes with flavor inside your mouth. It’s definitely dynamite. That’s one cup. It’s time to add a tiny portion of the spring Greens. Then, you can begin assembling this whole platter. After that, our plate consisting of Chicken Dynamite is done and is ready. By serving this, you will delight your loved ones. In that regard don’t forget to follow.

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