Chicken Curry Recipe

Chicken curry is a food that is among the most loved Filipino food items. For many Filipinos it’s a symbol of our nation in terms of food and the culture.


The components you require to make chicken curry are

1 Cup of Onion

1 cup garlic cloves

Two tablespoons ginger root, or freshly grated ginger (grated) as well as freshly mace (grated) or fresh garlic knobs (grated)

four cups tomatoes (small and mature) either 2 cups can tomatoes with juice (preferably one which is not laden with add-ons) as well as 3 cups of canned tomato sauce (preferably one which is not laden with ingredients) and 1 cup tomato paste, preferred organic, as well as 1 cup of brown sugar, and half cup of water. These ingredients are not required but highly recommended since they contribute to the flavor and texture of the dish.

If you don’t have all the ingredients listed above then you can replace for other kinds like 1 tablespoon of soy sauce 2 tablespoons olive oils 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon the black pepper. After the ingredients have been prepared cook the rice in the ingredients until cooked if necessary. Pour over the ingredients in a bowl with the exception of for the water. Mix it well until everything is well mixed enough to ensure it isn’t stuck to one another. Then pour this mixture over salt sprinkled on top , before serving with chopped coriander leaves to garnish . . . . . . . . We’re going to serve this meal make sure to cook some vegetables such as yellow onions and green pepper , or cauliflower florets if they do not have yellow onions already. It is important that you use a non-stick pan to ensure that everything is well cooked and won’t stick to one another in between. Serve this with cut-up pieces of chicken , too! I hope you are enjoying this! See ya!

2. Ingredients

Welcoming everyone to the Filipino culinary encyclopedia. I hope that you’re enjoying your food.

If you have an excellent kitchen, I’m sure your meals are prepared using high-quality ingredients. However, if that’s not the case, then I’m certain that something is wrong in your kitchen, and it’s not as great as those in restaurants. The good news is that many of us have kitchens that are well-equipped.

So , today we’re going to look at how to prepare a pinoy-style chicken curry. There are many methods for cooking it. We’ll guide you on how to ensure that the taste of our chicken curry is not diminished through overcooking or cooking process itself.

We recommend making use of fresh ingredients in Pinoy Chicken Curry recipes since they’re all readily available at local markets across the Philippines.

It is also essential to know how to cook and deep fry your food, as this assists to improve the texture and the flavor of your food.

3. How to Cook Pinoy Style Chicken Curry

Chicken curry is among the most well-known dishes of Asia. It’s a curry made that includes meat, however this recipe is designed specifically designed for chicken. Aromatic curry, with some star anise and bay leaves typically consumed with rice.

The most important ingredient for this recipe is chicken. This recipe yields eight servings. As so, I’ve split the recipe into two portions -half for me, and one portion to my younger brother. To make the portions more convenient to consume, I’ve used one whole chicken that has bones. My brother has insisted on using boneless chicken, instead of boneless, as it doesn’t provide the same flavor and the texture of bones.


  1. A entire bird (or 2-half halves)
  2. 1 stalk of lemongrass (optional)
  3. 1 pound of potatoes (I made use of French polenta)
  4. Two onions (or 1 large onion)
  5. 2 cloves garlic (or 1 piece garlic)
  6. 5 star anise flakes, or 2 pods of cardamom (optional)
  7. 8-10 slices ginger (or 2 pieces ginger)
  8. 3-4 sprigs galangal/shrimp paste (optional)
  9. 3 slices kaffir lime leaves(optional)

4. Tips

Chicken curry is one that will leave you feeling relaxed after having it. It’s easy to make and requires minimal preparation.


Chicken 1 lb. Fresh chicken

Carrot 2, medium-sized carrots

Medium-sized onion 5

Cumin Powder Cumin Powder 5g cumin seeds (or make use of ground cumin)

Garlic Paste 10g of Garlic Paste or three cloves fresh

Sprinkle 1/4 teaspoon pepper powder (or apply as much as you’d like)

Tamarind 2 tablespoons tamarind pulp, soak with warm water about an hour prior to making use of it in the recipe.

Icing sugar 3/2 cups sugar for icing (sugar preferred)

Salt 2 tsp salt

Recipe Peel and chop the chicken into pieces . Then, marinate them in salt pepper, garlic, and salt for approximately 30 minutes. After that, place them in the pot and cover with water. The chicken will cook within a few minutes. Turn the flame down to a simmer and cook on low for around 30-minutes or so, until the the chicken is soft enough to break apart easily using an fork. After that, take it from the heat and put aside while you cook the rest of the food. Sauté all the aromas together in a big pot at medium-low temperature until the color is light brown -but not too dark as they could be burned quickly when cooked using the curry recipe for chicken with no the pulp of tamarind. Put aside after cooking to prevent burning in the future while cooking other ingredients like carrots, potatoes or onions when you are making your chicken curry. Add all the ingredients to the pot and cover with water. At a low heat. Add tamarind juice. Let cook for approximately 30-minutes or so until the curry is thick . Add some coconut chutney or yogurt If you like. Enjoy hot, with rice or Roti. Recipe by The PinoySaver Team

5. Conclusion

Therefore, the most important thing you need to know before you begin making chicken curry is this is an Asian dish. I’ll explain some of the steps to ensure you can begin without having any issues following.

You should know the primary ingredients as well as some of the spices that are used in these recipes. So, let’s move on and begin this recipe. In the beginning, you need to heat your oven to 350F for around 30 minutes.

Slice into carrots and onions and cook in oil until they become soft as well as golden brown.

Place the chicken pieces into the pan (about 2 pieces of chicken). Then put the remaining aromatics in your pan – minced garlic, paste ginger cinnamon stick star anise …and cook until fragrant.

Incorporate all the liquid ingredients to your pan – water chicken stock or broth and tomatoes puree …and bring to a simmer.

Cook on moderate-low heat for approximately an hour or so or until the meat has become tender (chicken will require longer time if you use the method of rotisserie). Let it cool for 10 minutes prior to having it served with rice and Naan bread.

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