Chicken Alfredo Pasta Recipe | How To Make Chicken Alfredo Pasta | Pasta Recipe By Abubakar Fareed

How To Make Chicken Alfredo Pasta

Hi, I’m Abubakar Fareed. am cooking Chicken Alfredo Pasta.



  1. Chicken
  2. Olive Oil
  3. Ginger
  4. Salt
  5. Pepper
  6. Butter
  7. Parmesan Cheese
  8. Milk
  9. Mushrooms


First thing that I’m likely to do is begin cooking the Chicken. To do this, I’ll introduce certain Olive Oil into the pan. Also, the Chicken is a boneless Chicken that I cut into pieces like this and then marinated in minced Ginger as well as Salt and Pepper. It’s very easy and I’m about to cook it. I’m planning to allow the Chicken cook completely. The way I see it, the traditional Alfredo sauce was created by mixing Butter as well as Parmesan Cheese. As time passed, chefs began adding Cream to it to give it a lovely consistency. However, the Cheese and Butter combination was not the most robust. However, today, I’m planning to make it without Cream and am going to make it with high quality whole milk to get that smooth consistency of the Alfredo Sauce. This is why I’m using Here, Country Delight Buffalo Milk. The milk is ready to boil and the Chicken here, in the meantime, is cooked to perfection. Therefore, I’m going to take the chicken out and put it in a pan. Pure freshly made Buffalo Milk that comes from Country Delight has much thicker and more creamy Malai that regular Milk This is the reason why it’s ideal to make Alfredo sauce. It’s a good idea to make the Paste has begun to boil in the hot water and it’s the ideal time to begin creating the Alfredo sauce.

I’m adding just a tiny amount of normal Salted Butter, and a small amount in Olive Oil so that the Butter doesn’t go to the point of burning. Then I’m going to add small amounts of finely chopped Onion approximately one tablespoon of it and we’re just looking for an ounce of that flavor. Also, I’m not planning to cook the Onions. A teaspoon of finely chopped Garlic. It’s beginning to smell delicious, which indicates you’re ready to cook the mushrooms. I’ve seared the Mushrooms at a high temperature They’ve released a great deal of water and I’ve turned the heat down to low , and now I’m about to add the milk. The sauce has been simmering for a few minutes while the Pasta has been cooking too. It’s time to turn off the heat, turn off the heat, and then add some cheese. Since we’ve used such high quality whole milk that it’s not necessary adding too many cheese. This time, I’m going to return the chicken to the pan . for a quick and easy dinner, you can always count on this classic recipe . And for the freshest Buffalo Milk there’s always a chance to depend on Country Delight. It’s now time to include the Pasta. Since I’ve made use of Butter and Cheese which already contains Salt in it, I’ll spice this recipe at the middle. I’ll just add a bit of Salt and Pepper. Also, some freshly chopped Parsley. Then just mix it in. Country Delight gives 100% fresh and clean Buffalo Milk delivered to your doorstep within a couple of hours after you have milked it. This guarantees you will get the flavor of Milk that enhances the taste of the dish as in it is in this Chicken Alfredo Pasta. I’m ready to indulge in this Pasta and unwind and enjoy the food. You too can do it. Try this recipe. Be sure to take a bite of Pasta to speed up your run.


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